Our Massage Services in Uxbridge are available within walking distance of the Shopping Centre. So please feel free to pop in and relax after you may have been on your feet all day.

5 Star Asian Massage in Uxbridge is easily accessible from local surrounding areas like Northwood, Ricksmansworth or Watford.

From any of these locations simply set cause for the local Uxbridge train station and this will bring you to within 2 minutes walking distance from us. It's best to call us on 07404129931 to notify us so we can expect you. But feel free to give us a try if you just happen to find yourself in the area.

If you are currently in Northwood and wish to come by tube simply jump on the Metropolitan Line and you will then be with us in about thirty minutes. Coming from Rickmansworth will take roughly around the same time but Watford is slightly further out.
Driving from Northwood  (for example coming via Duck's Hill Rd/A4180 and Breakspear Rd) will take about 16 mins without traffic. A bus ride (line 331) will take about half an hour as well

Driving from Rickmansworth should take you about 14 mins (without traffic) and a bus ride (on line 724) should take about 23 mins. Travelling by car from Watford should take about 20 minutes and a bus ride (on line 724) should take about 37 minutes. As we are open quite late this gives you the opportunity to schedule your journey to a quieter time when the roads should be less busy should you decide to drive.

Upon arrival you will find we have excellent shower facilities and a comfortable waiting room area should you come before your scheduled appointment time. Feel free discuss any adjustments you may require to our listed services and we will do our best to accommodate you.