Welcome to 5 Star Asian Massage Rickmansworth.

Please call us on: 07404 129931. We our open 7 days a week from 10:00am to 9pm.
The Massage Services we offer include:

Service 30mins 60mins 90mins
Relaxing Massage £30 £50 £70
Chinese Massage £30 £50 £70
Deep Tissue Massage £30 £50 £70
Sports Massage £35 £50 £75
+ Massage
+ Free First Consultation
Please call 07404 129931 for more details regarding our charges for this service.

Welcome to our Massage Service Uxbridge Shop
Massage Services Uxbridge - Professional Asian  Masseuse at your service
Massage Uxbridge young woman getting foot massage.

Our Full Body Massage Service will relax you and help to relieve any muscular pain you may have. You will feel a sense of peace and healing after the experience. The sensual nature of this experience will bring a wonderful feeling. You will reap the theurapetic benefits of improved blood circulation. It will help to alleviate fatigue and reduce stress providing an overall sense of well being thus improving your mental and physical health. At 5 Star Asian Massage in Rickmansworth our experienced massage therapists will use techniques like kneading, gentle pressure and stroking to release the tension in every part of your body. These techniques blend several types of massage techniques originating from Sweden, China, Thailand and also incorporating some elements of Tantric Massage.